Space.Cloud.Unit is the first blockchain-based cloud marketplace

What is Space.Cloud.Unit?

What is Space.Cloud.Unit / SCU?

Space.Cloud.Unit – or SCU for short –  is a young German startup, founded by its CEO Christian Sprajc in 2017. Space.Cloud.Unit is going to develop the first Blockchain-based cloud marketplace and through this follows big sharing economy companies like Uber or AirBnB, just for the cloudstorage market.
Through the Space.Cloud.Unit marketplace SCU Users are going to be able to build their own perfect and decentralized cloud, whilst choosing their own specific cloud criteria, like storage size or the best-priced provider.

With its headquarter in Düsseldorf, Germany, Space.Cloud.Unit is not only having a big goal but also gets a heavy backup from the Powerfolder company, with 10 years of experience in the development of cloud-storage solutions!




Compare hundreds of cloud offerings and build your own ideal cloud – without booking rigid packages. You only pay for what you really need in terms of storage, security standards, runtimes and services.


SCU focuses on optimizing customer value in the cloud segment – The vendor-neutral platform maximizes customer value.



With the unprecedented comparability of both popular and blockchain-based cloud providers, we are creating new competition, not just in terms of pricing, but also in terms of security and availability.

Who is behind the project?

Our Team

Our Advisory Board


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- 2007 -

  • PowerFolder starts as the first Open-Source File-Sharing solution

- 2009 -

  • First finished product. First Fortune-500-Client with Bolloré

- 2012 -

  • NASA/ESA-supplier Measurement Specialities chooses PowerFolder. The blueprints for the sensors of the Mars-Rover Curiosity get synchronized by PowerFolder.

- 2014 -

  • PowerFolder and the “Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)” start the biggest, german cloud for universities.
  • Cooperation with the World-Wide-Web-creator CERN for the standardisation of cloud-interfaces.

- 2016 -

  • Expansion of the university network, for the universities that cooperate with PowerFolder. Bavaria is added.
  • PowerFolder becomes market leader for the public domain.

- 2018 -

  • Space.Cloud.Unit is founded
  • Building core team of 15 Cloud-Revolutioneers & Advisors – Detailed conception of SCU marketplace & – Start building marketplace
  • Prototyp
    SCU Pre-Sale & Token Sale – Implementation of proof-of-service – Marketplace Alpha-version for testers in September 18

- 2019 -

  • Apps (iOS, Android) – libraries und web portal for marketplace
  • Desktop-client development
  • Marketplace beta-version – Wallet beta-version
  • Implement SCU in operative business by our partners

- 2020 -

  • Improve interoperability
  • Expanded Access-right-models for business innovation
  • Integration of further cloud providers
  • Integration in standard-software-distribution
  • Standardisation of vendor-to-vendor APIs

2018 - 2021

  • Development & Expansion – Cloud Marketplace
  • Market Analysis & Product Innovation Development
  • Development of Cloud-Storage-Marketplace SCU
  • Expansion of strategic Partnerships & Expansion into 16 Countries.

2021 - 2023

  • Further expansion and establishment of the cloud marketplace
  • Development of the SCU marketplace, improvement of operations & services and creation of additional services
  • Expansion of strategic partnerships & expansion into 24 countries.

2023 - 2025

  • Market leader in cloud storage marketplace and buying process – Development of SCU marketplace, improvement of operations & services and creation of additional offers
  • Expansion of strategic partnerships & worldwide expansion.

SCU Token

Symbol SCU
TOTAL SUPPLY 150,000,000
SOFTCAP 4,600,000 € in ETH
HARDCAP 15,600,000 € in ETH
Space.Cloud.Unit / SCU Token-Economics


SCU FAQ I Your questions answered!
When is the token sale?

Pre-Sale: 01.10. – 15.12.2018
Main Sale: 14.01. – 01.03.2019

When will the whitelist open?

Our KYC process is integrated. You are able to get whitelisted. Click the “Buy tokens” button to get directly to our whitelisting process.

What is the total supply of tokens?

The total supply is 150,000,000 SCU.

What is the hard cap?

The hardcap is 15,600,000 € in ETH.

What is the token price?

The current token price is: 1 SCU = € 0.20.

During our tokensale phases we offer you several bonuses.

During our public pre-sale phases (18 Mio. SCU will be given out to the investors):



During our ICO mainsale (60 Mio. SCU will be given out to the investors):

When have you distributed 13 million SCU tokens?

We had a successful private pre-sale in August where we distributed 13 million SCU tokens to our seed investors.

What currencies are you accepting?

We only accept ETH since the SCU Token is an ERC20 token which will be converted afterwards for its usage on the cloud marketplace.

In which wallets can I store my SCU token?

You can store your SCU token basically in every ERC20 compatible wallet, but for an online wallet we would recommend to use a MEW wallet combined with Metamask. More information on the distribution and storage of the token are available on our communication channels.

What exchanges will SCU be listed on?

SCU is designed to be an utility token. With the demand and popularity of a cloud marketplace we expect that several exchanges will want to list SCU. More details will be posted through our communication channels.

Are US citizens allowed to participate in the SCU Public Token Sale?

Due to the undetermined regulations, we need to exclude all US investors for now until we found a way to enable their participation.

Will there be a private/presale?

Yes, there was a private pre-sale. Still, our goal is a broad distribution of our product and to enable everyone to build their own custom-made cloud, based on the individual needs of the client. We are currently running our public pre-sale. This will help us to acquire the financial resources to fasten up the building process and realization of the SCU marketplace. More details will be posted through our communication channels.

What level of KYC is going to be required?

An extensive KYC process will be required to join the whitelist as we want to keep it fair and legal for everyone. Our whitelisting is open by now and you are able to get your SCU tokens!


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Testimonials & Featured Clients

SCU unites the advantages of Cloud Systems, with the decentralization of Blockchain. I am extremely excited to bring to you an amazing startup, together with this fantastic team

What people say about us I Christian Sprajc

Christian Sprajc – CEO & SCU Founder

SCU is turning the existing cloud market into a marketplace with flexible pricing. The offer is very specific customized to customer needs. I think this is the next evolutionary step for enterprise cloud storage.

SCU’s innovative concept to create a more flexible cloud storage market breaks up encrusted patterns of thinking and structures. We are advancing the cloud business to the next level using the Blockchain Technology.

What people say about us I Matthias Steinwachs

Matthias Steinwachs – PR SCU & Powerfolder


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