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Conditions of the internet

Space.Cloud.Unit Disclaimer: The internet is a local network that stores temporary data intermediately and passes it further on. Hence, we can at present provide no guarantee that all manipulating features are eliminated or that information is by mistake falsified and that only current data is used (for instance obsolete version of Cache) when the data is communicated from the provider to the user. We therefore draw your attention to this restriction depending on the system: You receive all data on the condition of the internet. That is why we can provide no guarantee that all information is correct and corresponds to the original data.

External links

The district court of Hamburg pronounced a judgement the 12th of May 1998 that refers to the potential co-responsibility of the content of a linked page. According to the district court you can only avoid this by explicitly dissociating from their contents. Our sides provide links to other sides within the internet: the following procedure is applied for all links: We declare explicitly that we do not influence their design or contents.

We herewith dissociate ourselves explicitly from all content of any linked pages mentioned in our homepage and we do not adopt their contents. This declaration is applied to all links mentioned on our homepage and to all contents of the pages, which our banner or links indicate.


The layout of the homepage, its structure and the used graphics, the collection as well as all articles are copyrighted. We can provide no guarantee for errors in the sentences as well as for the right entries. We reserve the right to modify or complete the provided information. Prior to any reproduction of our contents or data particularly the use of our texts or parts of our texts or pictures we require an explicit authorization.